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Sina Weibo & Wechat


A combination of Facebook and Twitter in China with the major features of social media channels



One of the world's most powerful apps. It is also known as China's "app for everything" and a "super app" because of its wide range of functions and platforms.

Our Service: Do you eager for Chinese market ? Do you afraid of uncertainties and complicated operations? Are you struggling in finding a good partner? Is there a method can reduce the cost and see the reaction of Chinese market fast and find a good partner? Chinese social media suit for all conditions. We own the biggest online industrial club with 7m practitioner in this field. We can offer you the effective service if you want to: getting feedback from Chinese market, seeking partners, expanding your market etc.

What can we do for you?

A. We promote your company and products via the online method of Storytelling.  What can you get?

Build company image and make more influence in China market   Attract more attention from potential clients and partners   Get accurate feedback from Chinese market  

B. Help you apply for Webo account of your company Our advantages

1 With a great number of Chinese fans, our powerful social network will attract more potential Chinese clients and help you succeed in commercial cooperation. 2 We are more familiar with Chinese consumers'behaviors in social media so that you can avoid making mistakes while interacting with them online. A misconduct is prone to exerting bad influence on company image.

C.Online product promotion

It’s impossible in the past that you can sit on the chair in your backyard, introducing your products to potential customers in China through the Internet.Things become different now, thanks to the development of the network technology, you can introduce your products to potential Chinese customers who are far away from you. What you only need is a smart-phone.


Kevin Shen
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E-mail: kevin.shen@sino40.de
Miya Ji
Telephone:+0086 183 8955 4267
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