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Since the in 2014 released China-Germany innovation cooperation strategy " Shaping Innovation Together!", the Germany strategy "Industry 4.0" has become increasingly popular in China. Soon in March 2015, the Chinese State Council announced the strategy "Made in China 2025". The core aims of both strategies are similar, which is to improve manufacturing and logistics processes with help of technological development. In this context, the bilateral cooperation in such sectors as production and logistics is being steadily extended.
Sino40-Platform makes positive contribution to promote the cooperation between China and Germany in the fields of smart manufacturing and industry 4.0, especially the cooperative partnerships between Chinese SMEs and German colleges, scientific research institutions and start-up high-tech enterprises.

German Industry 4.0 strategy pays a lot of attention to the digital transformation of SMEs. However, according to the framework of “Made in China 2025”, the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises are almost “forgotten”, although this group has contributed more than 60% of the national output value, and stimulated 85% of employment. Many entrepreneurs have expressed strong interests in digital transformation. Therefore, it’s the primary task of Sino40-Platform to assist these companies in connecting with innovation-oriented enterprises overseas and searching for proper solutions.

Meanwhile, German enterprises can profit from the extensive network of Sino40-Plattform with local SMEs and research institutions. It enables the identification of technological demand of Chinese customers in an efficient and structured way, to provide solutions using their own technologies.

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