Mining digitalization seeks cooperation with German enterprises

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    • Beijing Haowo Te Mining Technology Co., Ltd.Beijing Haowo Special specializes in the mining industry, providing domestic and foreign mining, coal mining, mineral processing, coal general contracting services and complete sets of equipment supply. In the coal preparation plant, the entire plant in the concentrating plant uses highly automated automatic control, and at the same time To escort the continuous production of the whole plant, actively adopt various types of sensors, receive production and equipment data, and conduct comprehensive analysis.

    At home and abroad, we have participated in various coal preparation plants, concentrating plants, etc., and are committed to integrating various types of sensors and plant areas, bringing more intelligent production processes to customers, comprehensive monitoring of equipment operation, and reducing operational costs with predictive maintenance.

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  • In the field of digitization in the mining industry, we hope to strengthen communication with foreign companies in this regard.
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