Review 2020 – 2022

Never stop

Even during the pandemic, exchanges and cooperation in the field of smart manufacturing between Germany and China are being actively promoted.

The pandemic has led to major changes in the global production chain. This has created many communication and cooperation barriers between Chinese and German enterprises. Under the slogan of “Sino-German Cooperation in the Cloud”, Sino40 leverages its extensive industrial resources in China and Germany for innovative cooperation. From January 2020 to December 2022, Sino40 has organized a total of 86 seminars for Chinese and German manufacturing enterprises and organizations, covering technological cooperation, market expansion, investment and financing, etc.
January 2020 – December 2022 Our development
Cooperation seminars (events)
Networking for Chinese and German companies (meetings)
Total duration of online meetings (min.)

"Smart Manufacturing" - Sino-German Smart Manufacturing Project Online Communication Meeting

“Three organizations”

The conference is co-hosted by the Sino40 Platform, the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and the Committee for International Cooperation in the Smart Manufacturing Industry. These three organizations are well connected and influential in the field of smart manufacturing in China.

"1,283 Delegates"

The conference attracted 1,283 delegates from industrial parks, research institutes and related companies.

"130 Talks"

Following this major conference, 130 1V1 online talks were organized for companies and institutions with mutual interest from China and Germany.

"Four German companies"

We invited four German companies to participate in the conference: Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH, Oculavis GmbH, Fisens GmbH and Deutsche Messe Technology Academy (DMTAC). These German companies each presented their products and services and talked about what they expect from the Chinese market.

German Smart Components Online Roadshow

Sensorise is a high-tech start-up in the field of sensor integration based in Bremen. To enable an intensive exchange with potential customers and partners in China, we organized an online presentation for the company.
The procedure is as follows:
    1. Preparation of information materials in Chinese to introduce Sensorise to China.
    2. Video conference analysis of partner selection criteria.
    3. Final decision will be made jointly by Sino40 platform and Sensorise after the online interview.
    Duration: 7 days
The Sino40-Platform has an extensive network of industry contacts and enables to bring Sensorise together with competent business partners. The result: with great interest, 65 Chinese entrepreneurs contacted us and confirmed their interest in cooperation in writing. Of these, 30 companies met Sensorise’s requirements after consultation with Sensorise and all Chinese candidates. Duration: 14 days
We organized and facilitated a transnational online workshop with Sensorise and the 30 selected Chinese entrepreneurs. An experienced interpreter was part of the team. The workshop was mainly divided into three parts:
  1. Sensorise gave a detailed presentation of the technology; (45 minutes).
  2. Sensorise gave a demonstration of how the devices / sensors work; (15 minutes).
  3. Question and answer session for the Chinese companies, opportunity for individual discussions. (1 hour)
The result: the successful implementation of the online workshop facilitated communication between Sensorise and Chinese customers. Following the meeting, 8 Chinese companies expressed their interest in further cooperation. Duration: 2 hours
Successful business is not created overnight. Following the workshop, Sino40 Sensorise continued to provide support in establishing personal contact with the 8 potential business partners and in clarifying open questions about the topics and terms of cooperation. In addition, Sino40 documented and recorded all further discussions for Sensorise.
In this online meeting, we invited Mauricio Esguerra, founder of Maag Wireless Charging Germany, and Dr. ErwinHerren, Chief Technology Officer, to communicate with our Chinese partners online. 【Process】
  1. Wireless charging technology introduction
  2. product demonstration
  3. exchange and interaction between Chinese and German entrepreneurs.
In this seminar, we organized a cooperation meeting between Micropsi, a German star company in the field of artificial intelligence, and CaiGe ZhiZhou Group, a leading Chinese company in the field of industrial design. Both sides held a series of detailed discussions on the ways in which Micropsi’s AI technology can be used in the restaurant industry to automate the process of cooking.
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